Dropshipping Program

What is Dropshipping?

The Dropshipping is a new business model in which the Dropshipping client don't need to have goods in stock, but transfer their customers' orders and shipment details directly to that will send the ordered goods directly to their customers, in a totally anonymous.

Dropshipping customers make profit on the price difference between the purchase , with discounts for Dropshippers, and the final selling price applied to end customers on their sales channel.

The following image shows how work the Dropshipping.


Benefits to join this program:

1. No inventory risk, no minimum order, but margins.
2. Easy business. You Sell We Ship! We help and support you on business operations like store set-up, store promotion, product listing, product selection, product photos, order, quality control, shipping, return of goods etc..
3. Trusted and Reliable partner with high quality products. We are a registered company with 12-year of experience in camera accessories which has a sophisticated supply-chain system and research and development base.
4. More sales opportunities.
5. Expand your collections.

Dropshipping Program Restrictions:

does not permit our Drop Shippers to promote or sell our products on the following platforms:Amazon and Sears.
The brand name or any derivative of the word is not to be used in pay-per-click advertising.
Dropshipping members are not to represent themselves as but may list as a manufacturer on their site.
Sale items and products beginning with an "8" or "9" are not eligible

for the Dropshipping Program.

Dropshipping Discounts:
25% discount off regular priced items
30% discount over and above $5000.00 in sales